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Wet Area V Shower Tray

Matt Toms, Product Development Manager at Impey Showers discusses which is best for your project.

Usually the choice of shower enclosure or wetroom will come down to personal preference based on functionality or aesthetics.

Innovation has meant wetrooms are now reliable and easier to create than ever, while shower enclosure options now include level access giving a similar wet room experience.

Impey Wet Area

​​Enclosures are possibly a more stylish out of this the box solution but the wet room allows more design flexibility and individuality. With this range of choice, how do you go about choosing what is best for your project?

Matki One Framed Effect Shower Panel

A wetroom is the ultimate showering solution but there are three simple ways to work out the most practical choice for your project.

  • Suitability of the substrate – wetrooms are suitable for all floor types, but the need to excavate an existing concrete floor can make a shower enclosure more cost-effective. ON other substrates, you may need floor formers to adjust over joists and existing pipe work, or a shower tray may need to be installed higher over the elements.

  • Drainage – Early specification makes wetroom drainage easy with provision for sub-level drainage. In existing properties this may not be possible, so running above level pipework means a traditional shower enclosure would be best

  • Level access - traditionally only a wetroom could provide level access, however sub-level shower trays area really great option to deliver a flush-level feel. It’s important to remember that with any kind of level access the waterproofing requirement for a shower tray will need to be as robust as a fully tanked wetroom.

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