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There is no substitute for experience . . .

Having commissioned and built twenty bathrooms and five kitchens with Lisa Melvin, client Gisela Blee recognises the value of good design.

“Expensive materials do nothing to rescue weak ideas” explains Gisela.

“Conversely, great design lifts a project from being average to excellent, irrespective of budget”.

The latest project is based in the Cotswolds with stunning views across the Stroud valleys. “The Cotswolds is a new location for us, with new contractors and trades but the same designer”.

“Lisa and I have taken the best of what has become our ‘house style’ and given it a twist with bespoke features”.

Space is the biggest luxury but without careful thought, it can offer no more utility value than a small kitchen - with further to walk! The main working area faces into the room with all of the main kitchen appliances close at hand. Simple clean lines, complement a coherent selection of materials and finishes.

“We are delighted with the twelve cube cupboards”. An awkward corner is transformed into a bold flash of colour and very useful storage. “People think it is installation art before seeing quite how many things are hidden behind the doors. We receive plaudits from every visitor”.

With so much experience, does installation get easier?

“Execution is everything”. The job of transforming boxes of materials into a finished room should never be taken for granted. “You would be amazed by how many questions arise from the fitters. Having expert advice available in the moment, prevents delays and ensures projects run to budget”.

Is there another project around the corner for Gisela and Lisa?

“I think I have done enough for now, and would quite like to enjoy the fruits of my efforts”. However, we have just visited a building plot nearby - any excuse for a Cotswold walk.

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