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Into the blue

The aim was to create a functional, practical space, which needed to serve many functions for this busy family including the formation of a new laundry room as well as an extension to the kitchen.

We have a large, recently built house with large rooms, however the laundry room was disproportionate to the square footage. It served a purpose for neatly housing the washing machine and tumble dryer and we had a couple of cupboards for household cleaners but that’s was about is capability, there was no space to dry the laundry or hang damp outerwear let alone a space for sport equipment.

Laundry Room Storage

We asked Lisa and Hannah to provide us with a more versatile space that would meet our needs - we are a normal busy family with sport kits that need a place to be stored and a place to let swimming clothes and equipment dry ready to be used daily (the bags of which we have two are massive by the way). Along with hockey kit and horse riding hats and boots the existing laundry room couldn’t cope. We love clean lines and fashionable deep blues, and more importantly we needed the room to work hard for us, not to mention the dog.

The old laundry room was a bit redundant but Hannah suggested putting in “The Golaith” Fisher and Paykel fridge freezer, we immediately loved the idea, we had been coping with a small fridge freezer that was already installed in the inbuilt kitchen when we bought the house. They suggested two neat pantry style cupboard, one each for the children to keep their swimming bags.

Kitchenette Part of the entension was a Granny annexe and Kitchenette, we wanted the space to match our taste throughout the rest of the house. We also always suffer from terrible itchy feet and tend to move house after a couple of years so we wanted these spaces to be open to all tastes and needs.

The kitchenette can easily be converted to an office or even an additional social space for older/grown up children. When we view homes for sale we are often so underwhelmed with the laundry rooms, we hope this new laundry room will be a great selling point if or when we choose to move on.

Lisa and Hannah made my vision (and my Pinterest board) a reality. They were great at suggesting space saving ideas and weren’t at all phased at working with a 105 degree angled wall. They communicated well between the architect and the tradesmen, always pushing the design forward and always overcoming practical hurdles. Looking at the other projects they have completed recently, we can’t wait to go back for our children’s bathroom revamp.

"We love clean lines and fashionable deep blues" - Amy


Functionality in this space was key, so a stacked washing machine and tumble dryer solution means that it not only makes the appliances easier to use but it is also a great way of utilising space.

We were worried that as the kitchen would be losing its window with the new extension, a glazed pocket door between the kitchen and laundry room was used so that it would bring some borrowed light in.

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