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Creating the Ultimate Social Kitchen Space in 2021-with the Neff collection.

This week, Neff launched its brand new 2021 appliance collection, now with improved design harmony and exciting additions to the range.

Neff's stunning NEW Graphite Grey Appliance Collection.

We are excited to see a stunning NEW Graphite Grey Collection that gives a luxurious feel and perfectly complements a grey colour scheme.

Neff launching a wine-cooler range has been long-awaited; this addition has been greeted with open arms from our design team here at Kuche & Bagno, allowing all appliances to be beautifully matched.

KU9202HF0, KU9213HG0
Neff NEW Wine Cooler 2021

Neff built-under wine coolers come in two sizes, 30cm and 60cm models. Key features include the following:-

Interior Light

An enticing glow for your wines and your kitchen. Like bees to a honeypot. Let your eclectic collection of wines lure your guests with the presentation mode on our illuminated wine cabinet. Keep your wines on the spotlight with the smooth glow of its interior light.

2 Temperature zones, 5 – 20°C

Create the ideal storage conditions with the individual settings of the two temperature-controlled niches. Full-bodied Reds or crisp Whites? No need to decide with our 2 Temperature Zones! Individual settings ranging from 5°C to 20°C let you stock everyone’s favourite wines and bubblies.

44 bottles

Keep up to 44 of your favourite bottles perfectly chilled and always handy. Less is more? No. More is more. More space to store your beloved Reds, Whites or Champagnes. A new centerpiece in your kitchen for maximum enjoyment and the ideal storing conditions.

KU9202HF0, KU9213HG0
Neff New Wine Cooler 2021

Frameless Glass Door

Bask in its sleek style while you keep a good eye on your most precious wines Seamlessly upgrade your kitchen’s design with the frameless glass door of our wine cabinet.

Electronic Control Panel

Effortlessly set ideal storage temperatures for your Reds and Whites with a few taps on the panel

Are you the kind of cook who has a flair for creativity and pushing the boundaries in the kitchen? If you are, the new Glass Draft Hood by Neff is your perfect cooktop companion. It is almost invisible to the eye but efficient beyond belief, with our new Guided Air Technology that extracts steam and odours from anywhere on the cooktop.

This product offers seamless combination options as well as clear glass to subtly take care of all your ventilation needs, whilst also becoming the centrepiece of the party when changing the colour of the Ambient lighting through the Home Connect app for a true wow effect!

New NEFF Glass Draft Ventilation

Forget steamy kitchens even when using the front areas of the hob with Guided Air Technology, our new powerful extraction system for the Glass Draft Hood. Steam and odours are extracted from all corners of the hob with no limitations, no matter how ambitious your dish or how you choose to utilise the cooking surface.

Neff’s Glass Draft Hood has filters that come to you whenever needed. No more reaching into the hood to remove them. At the push of a button, the filters are brought above the surface where they can be reached easily and placed in the dishwasher. Recirculation filters are placed just underneath again for easy access when the saturation indicators illuminate to notify you of servicing.

Passionate cooks love their must-haves dearly. Neff’s Glass Panel with Illumination is one of them and yet so utterly unobtrusive that it would never divert your attention from the peaceful view into your open plan kitchen or living area. Connect your Glass Draft Hood with the Home Connect app, choose from endless colours for the edge of your Glass Panel, and treat yourself to a unique cooking experience every time with your choice of individual lighting.

Celebrate your kitchen design with visual unity.

Neff’s Seamless Combination blends your induction hob and Glass Draft Hood into one aesthetic composition. Designed to combine seamlessly with the 80cm T68FS6RX2 and 90cm T59FS5RX2 Front Bevel Flex Induction Hobs.

Neff New Graphite Grey Collection Cooking up a storm!

Designed to combine seamlessly with the 80cm T68FS6RX2 and 90cm T59FS5RX2 Front Bevel Flex Induction Hobs.

Neff Glass Downdraft Beautiful seamless design.

Last but not least, Neffs introduces two new innovative dishwashers, including home connect. Start your preferred selection with a single push and enjoy a few extra me-moments.

Neff NEW innovative Dishwasher

Flex 3rd basket

Sometimes all we need is a bit more space, even if it's temporary. Move the sliding element to the left and make space for glasses, bowls, and so much more in your Flex 3rd Basket, and enjoy extra room for other dishes in the top and bottom baskets. Clever waves ensure that everything stays put, while your big knives are best left in the (removable) knife inlay. Additional protection blocks utensils from sliding out.

Zeolith drying technology

Doesn’t Zeolith sound like an intriguing secret? The truth is even more fascinating: Minerals naturally absorb moisture and turn it into heat - on any surface. Forget still-wet dishes, damp non-glass items or proper drops on a lid. Zeolith creates heat as long as there is moisture. Take out shiny, clean and dry dishes that don’t need to be tweaked but stir up new creativity for your next cooking adventure

Gap Illumination

Invite your eyes to follow the light bar on the side of your fully integrated high-built dishwasher: if Gap Illumination is on, the dishwasher is running. And if you open the door and pause the cycle, the light starts blinking.

Home Connect- New "Favourite" function

Sometimes we know exactly what we want - and having it saved makes life even easier. Choose a programme, option, or combination on your dishwasher and save it as "Favourite", either via your Home Connect app or directly on the dishwasher. Start your preferred selection with a single push and enjoy a few extra me-moments.

Open Dry

Bye-bye routine: No more need to manually open the door of your dishwasher to allow the load to cool off. Open Dry takes care of that by opening the door automatically during the drying phase. The advantage? Your dishes aren't just sparkling clean, they're also cool whenever you feel like unloading your shiny gems.

Vario Hinge

The Vario Hinge is the optimal solution for the smallest possible gaps between the front panels of kitchen units, low base dimensions and high countertop levels. With appliances featuring the Vario Hinge the fully integrated front panel moves up slightly when the machine is opened. This does away with large gaps when dishwashers are installed at a high level. You can also forget about collisions with the base and floor pan.

Contact us for more information and competitive price on your NEW Neff appliances 01788 866903

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