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Baking success - Rugby Real Bread test out our latest kitchen

Paul from Rugby Read Bread cooking in our latest kitchen room setting
Paul from Rugby Read Bread cooking in our latest kitchen room setting

We invited Paul from Rugby Real Bread to come down to our showroom to test out our latest kitchen room setting by baking two of his popular focaccia breads - a savoury one enriched with cranberries and topped with Italian turkey meatballs and brussels, and a sweet one with amaretto raisins, apricots and studded with marzipan balls. Paul started in the 'prep zone' by preparing the toppings and making the dough for the focaccia's, rolling them out on the marble worktop. Marble is a perfect temperature for working with dough as it stays cool and is also easy to wipe down and clean after too.

Preparing dough for baking in Kuppersbusch oven
Paul preparing the dough ready for baking in the Kuppersbusch oven

Paul baked the focaccia's using the Kuppersbusch ovens in the appliance pod. The ovens feature unique ökotherm® catalytic converters inside them which help keep your kitchen clean, free of odours and most importantly help to keep food moist and prevent it from drying out during cooking. This process works by the fan providing ideal air circulation and heat distribution inside the oven which ensures perfect cooking on multiple levels – without the flavour of one item being transferred to the other. The air contaminated with grease, odours and particles inside the oven are sucked in by the fan, which then goes into the catalytic converter and all the remains are transformed into water and carbonic acid. The cleaned air is then returned back into the oven and as a result you will have no deposits inside the oven and no tedious cleaning will be necessary. The Kuppersbusch ovens are also energy efficient as the catalytic process releases energy which is returned to the oven and is reused to help the cooking process.

We designed this kitchen so that everything is easy to reach which made cleaning up a breeze as Paul just had to turn around to use the sink and load the dishwasher, no trails of flour left over the floor!

The finished focaccia's tasted as good as they looked! You can find Rugby Real Bread on Facebook.

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