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World Renown Designer Johnny Grey - showcases his multigenerational hazard free-living vision.

I absolutely love this video; big kudos Quooker for contributing towards the prototype and development of the 4GK; the integration of the Quooker tap is brilliant.

It's so good to see my wonderful mentor Johnny Grey vision in its full glory, and I could listen to Johnny's voice all day, incredibly relaxing.

Johnny Grey, British Designer, Author and Educator

Johnny recently kindly contributed to a discussion I hosted. What's the difference between Layout and Design?

"The average amount of time one of the big kitchen companies sales-person spends on your kitchen design is around 90 minutes. After the layout is developed on the CAD system, another layer is switched on and up comes a 3D model showing the volumes of the cabinetry and the shape of the room. Does this constitute Design, or is it a layout? I don't think this needs answering as it is pretty obvious.

"Design involves bringing time, skill and empathy to the process of making something. I like to think of Design as a verb, not a noun, creating an experience, not a product. To justify the cost of installing a new kitchen and the time householders will spend in them over the years, it has to be a worthwhile investment.

Analysis, careful detailing and good communication will also save money in the long run because it will endure hard use well, and you won't have to replace your kitchen so soon.

"A design service can be offered free, and there is a cost to the company supplying the kitchen or to the customer. Either way, it is a worthwhile investment as you make a desirable space with authenticity, functionality and character."

Johnny Grey, British Designer, Author and Educator

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