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What Story Can You Tell ?


The Brief from @hansgroheuk: You have the possibility to bring a material into your bathroom with which you associate a memory or a personal experience. The AXOR MyEdition mixer becomes the platform for you to express your own personality. You can create a ‘one of a kind’ product by telling us a unique story

- My Special Story -

I have such fond happy memories visiting my grandparents home as a youngster.

I would pack an overnight bag with such excitement in anticipation of a fun packed weekend.

A flashback to that special time - I remember Enid Blyton books, Vicks VapoRub, homemade apple sauce, the most amazing homemade gravy, playing shop keepers, hand-grown cherry tomatoes and runner beans from the garden greenhouse, rhubarb and roses adorning the front garden, my Mum's old school windup record player from her own childhood, the smell of tar from my Paps old railway shed and glass marbles to name a few.

Under the watchful eye of my Nan we would bake a whole plethora of cakes and biscuits and prepare scrumptious lunches and suppers from scratch using produce from the garden, I learnt so many great baking and cooking methods I still use to this day.

Myself and my Pap would hang out in his greenhouse potting tomato plants or in his old railway shed creating.

This is where my inspiration for the @AXORdesign MyEdition design has stemmed from we would mix a ratio of ballast, cement and water on a board with a stick to form small pizza base sized circles and then add glass marbles in various colours and styles.

I remember being mesmerised by how the floating ribbons of colour in each glass marble seemed to levitate Paps collection was vast and even included handmade versions.

The chosen concept finish for the AXOR MyEdition competition is 'Glass Marbles' in three versions - chrome , brushed black chrome and handmade clear bespoke ribbon design. I love the process of creating a handmade marble it really is incredible to watch being produced by artisans.


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