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The Power Of Sunlight in Your Shower

Too much sunlight can be harmful. However, moderate, responsible exposure has scientifically proven health benefits. Sunshower brings the suns’ benefits into your home. A daily, low dose of UV light is beneficial to your health. UV light stimulates the production of vitamin D and prepares your skin for the summer. Infrared light relaxes and relieves pain. Sunshower features lamps which emit a low, responsible and safe amount of UV. Your health is Sunshowers priority.

We stopped by the Sunshower stand back in March while visiting the bathroom industry main event the ISH Exhibition in Frankfurt Germany.

We had originally blogged about the Sunshower back in 2012 and subsequently installed an all singing and dancing model in a clients project after they had read the blog in 2013.

We were intrigued how the product had evolved seven years down the line are tanning products still seen as responsible? wellness and wellbeing has certainly seen a surge in interest.

The Infrared technology seems to know be the main selling point and the ability to expose your body for very short periods of time to sunlight to help with vitamin D levels.

One of our team has currently been suffering with bad circulation in their legs and another has a niece just diagnosed with rheumatic issues both have had medical professionals mention about the effectiveness of infrared treatments.

Infrared radiation penetrates deeply into the skin. The energy of infrared light penetrates into our body, which causes molecules to move and in this way, causes heat. This raises the body temperature, while the surroundings feel cool. In addition to a sense of well-being and relaxation, infrared radiation decreases back and neck complaints, muscle pain and rheumatic complaints and it stimulates blood circulation.

We believe used responsibly your whole family could benefit from a Sunshower installation a perfect addition when creating a wellness suite or sanctuary in your home.

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