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AXOR Edge - Geometic design perfection

When we attended ISH 2019 in Frankfurt last month there were many new products that got us really excited, one of which being Axor's new collection with the French designer Jean-Marie Massaud; AXOR Edge.

The collection transcends boundaries in aesthetics and technology: asymmetrically combined cubes yield an impressive gem. With a diamond manufacturing process, ultraprecise edges and plains result. Partially refined with a fine texture and personalizable with a selection of AXOR FinishPlus polished surfaces, AXOR Edge is available for the washbasin, the bathtub, the bidet, and with thermostat modules for the shower.

Design: Geometric, Architectural, and Asymmetrical

AXOR Edge is massive and delicate all at once: symmetry of plains and edges asymmetrically combined. Partially enriched with a fine texture, the three-dimensional faucet is a new kind of haptic experience with a maximum of luster and radiance. For those who prefer a more minimalistic appearance, AXOR Edge is also available without a partial texturing of the surface. Personal refinement is available through seven polished AXOR FinishPlus surface colors: from Polished Gold-Optic to Polished Black Chrome

Technology: Precision as the Bedrock of Brilliance

Especially developed for the production of AXOR Edge, a state-of-the-art diamond-cutting machine assures accurate planes and contours. The same diamond-tipped tool used in the space and laser industries, mills the chamfers at precisely 45 degrees. The delicate structural details also derive from pure precision: Diamonds facet the surface of the solid brass block down to the micron. Line by line, precision-pointed pyramids are created in this way, reflecting the interplay of light and shadow – the consummation of a precious gem.

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