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Attention to detail

“A beautifully-designed space is never easily defined but is instantly recognizable because it simply feels right; holistic and wonderfully free-spirited." - Regina Sturrock, President and Principal Designer –Regina Sturrock Design Inc.

Details are absolutely key when finalising your bathroom purchase. It's quite easy to get carried away with the excitement of your new power shower or luxury freestanding bath, maybe even be totally decisioned out and leave it to your installer to decide on the critical finish choices.

Look to the Future Of course, working with a designer will alleviate the pressure, highlight new products and even make savings but if you decide to go it alone here’s some highlights: -Try to future proof as much as possible: lighting, heating controls and even blinds can now be smart home compatible for only a small increase in price. Alexa is becoming ever morepart of the family in ou rclient’s homes.

Think Practically

Your toilet should have a built-in deodoriser function whether that be a feature of the pan and seat or the flush plate. Make sure if your budget won’t stretch at this point your installer puts a provision for electric and separate water pipe in wall and make sure you order a compatible Geberit frame,odour flush plates and shower toilets can then be added at a later date.If you opt for a cement based grout remember to seal the grout lines before the first use, and maintain the sealing throughout the lifespan of your bathroom.


  • Water System / Combi /Pressurised or Gravity Fed (Need a pump)

  • Walls / Floor Insulation / Cement Board

  • Access Panels for maintenance

  • Grout Choice Cement / Epoxy

  • Grout Spacer Size (2mm or below)

  • Grout Colour

  • Tile Trim Finish & Profile

  • Hardware Window & Door Finishes

  • Flush plate Finish

  • Brassware Finishes

  • Odour Extractor Pan or Flush Plate

  • Lighting – Colour Temperature

  • Lighting – Colour of Bezels

  • Extractor – Finish and position

  • Radiator – Matching valves

  • Radiator – Summer Element – Matching Colour

  • Window Coverings – Smart Home Enabled

  • Underfloor heating – thermostat finish Smart Home Enabled

  • Suitable bathroom paint – Select colour

  • Accessories – finish and position

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