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Neff FlexInduction Venting Hob

One of the most important appliances in the kitchen is the extraction hood, yet it's often overlooked. Fitting the right extraction hood in your kitchen is crucial as it not only creates a pleasant environment but removing dirt and grease particles from the air will help protect your kitchen or living area.

Siemens Downdraft Extractor

In a standard family home of 4, over a year, airbourne odours and particles from oven cooking alone will create the equivalent of a pack of lard settling around the kitchen! If you've got an open plan living space this means that the particles could have settled onto the fabrics of your curtains, sofas and blinds and will build up year on year.... with that in mind it's definitely worth investing in a good extractor!

Elica wall mounted extractor hood

Most people are familiar with a ceiling extractor hood, where the particles have to travel from the countertop level to the hood above. You should always put an extractor on 5 minutes before cooking as ceiling hood extractors work by creating a vortex within the air space and when you start cooking the particles will travel up to the hood above. If you wait to turn it on halfway through cooking it won't be effective as the odours will already be around the room. You should leave it on for 10 minutes after you finish cooking to make sure the air has cleared.

Elica ceiling mounted extractor hood

Most extractors are can be ducted or recirculated. in a recirculating scenario the appliance extracts the air, filters the air and blows the air back into the kitchen, hence the name ‘recirculation extractor’. Normally, there are carbon filters placed in an extractor. Carbon has the quality by nature to absorb dirt. When the cooking air is blown into the extractor hood, the carbon filter absorbs the dirt and odours from the air. The air is clean and the hood blows the air back into the room.

A PlasmaMade filter, to compare, does not filter and absorb the air, but cleans the air. A PlasmaMade filter does not only destroy cooking odors but also pollen, bacteria, fine dust, etc., so the extractor hood actually becomes an air cleaner. This is great for anyone suffering from allergies such as hayfever. PlasmaMade filters can also be retrofitted to most extractors which is useful.

Elica recirculating ceiling hood

Here at Kuche & Bagno we've recently added the Küppersbusch Induction Downdraft Hob to a display, where an optional accessory is the PlasmaMade filter. Come and visit our showroom to find out more.

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