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Reflect on it

From concept to completion Kuche & Bagno have joined forces with Springburn Joinery to specialise in bespoke cabinetry to enhance and maximise available space within your bathroom.

With the evolution of bathroom design here in the UK, concealing unsightly pipework cisterns and shower valves by constructing stud walls is a standard practise but what about all the space within that studwork? By utilising this valuable space for storage is a natural progression and Kuche & Bagno’s bespoke cabinetry service is a great solution.

Interiors of cabinets can be designed to each client’s exacting specification including width depth height and lighting schemes.

Using reflective mirror not only allows for your storage to be secret it gives depth and softness to the room with an automatic feeling of space, mirror also allows detail throughout the room to be magnified and highlighted.

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