Let's Glow - Why lighting should be a key element in any interior design project

Lighting was key in creating our dramatic 'Rockstar' black bathroom design

Here at Kuche & Bagno we believe lighting is a key element in any design, one that is often overlooked when it shouldn't be an after thought. A good lighting scheme can really make a design stand out so it should steer the project, and be something you consider from the initial stages of planning.

It's critical that the colour temperature of the lighting scheme is considered also and chosen appropriately to compliment the colour scheme of the room. The wrong colour for the design can completely alter the finished look.

A lighting scheme should incorporate task lighting, ambient lighting and mood lighting. For example, in a bathroom task lighting is important as it helps you apply make up, shave or put in contact lenses, while low level mood lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere and can also double as a handy night light if put on a sensor. Each form has a different purpose but it's critical that they are considered and work together from the outset.

Below we show you some of our favourite recent projects where lighting played an integral part in the design process:


The LED lighting in this project was controlled by a motion sensor, it's a perfect night light.

Low level lighting under the bath and along the skirting adds a soft glow creating a relaxing vibe
Lighting inside the cabinet is not only practical but it elevates the mirror into a wall feature

Feeling inspired? See more photos and read about our Blissful Bathroom Makeover here


In this kitchen we focused on feature lighting to create a statement. LED lights were incorporated behind the wine rack, underneath the cabinet above the sink, and around the ceiling coving.

This kitchen creates a statement with ceiling uplighting

This LED light in the pantry adds an industrial vibe to the kitchen design. Buster + Punch were the first company in the world to market an LED bulb and we had a chance to speak to founder Massimo Buster Minale about what inspires him and how he made this happen. Read the full interview here.

Buster + Punch's LED bulb adds an industrial feel to this walk in kitchen pantry


Low level cool white lighting around the skirting really brings this dramatic design to life.

Cool white uplighting around the skirting makes a statement in our Rockstar bathroom

4. LINE UP The lighting in this WC designed is equally aesthetic as it is functional. We enjoyed working closely with Simone to see how she incorporates statement lighting into her designs.

Brazilian architect Simone Mattoso Antuneson demonstrating the dramatic impact lighting can have

To find out more about Brazilian architect Simone Mattoso Antuneson click here


Low level spotlights really helped transform Dave and Vicky's bathroom. Impressively Dave fitted the bathroom himself, you can read about their project here.

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