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Into the Future

At a trade show in 1996 I remember seeing plans for a futuristic kitchen which seemed ludicrous at the time. The predictions were jaw dropping, but looking back it was spot on with almost all of the technology in use today.


In March I wrote about linking smartphones to appliances, for instance, programming your washing machine while you’re out or having a camera in your fridge allowing you to view its contents while you do the weekly shop. Well, now you can program your coffee machine from your phone too. If you’re having a dinner party you can take orders on your smartphone and let the machine do the rest. You still need to put the cup under the spout and carry the coffee to the table though, but probably not for long!

At the high end of the market, companies aren’t charging a premium for this technology. Generally it comes as standard. Also, the ability to upgrade the software in your appliance via your smartphone rather than buying a new appliance every time technology advances is on the horizon.


Induction hobs have moved on too, and instead of having designated spaces for your pans, the new flexi induction hobs form Neff and Siemens are intelligent enough to know where you’re putting a pan and will heat up that area. They are high in kilowatt usage though, so it would be wise to get a kitchen specialist in to check you have enough power


Extractor fans are no longer ceiling mounted or even pop up. They are cleverly integrated into the hob. Take a look at Elica who are leading the way. Some hobs even have built in irrigation systems to collect the water extracted which can then be used for watering your bang on trend indoor herb garden.


Stainless Steel is making a comeback. The trend for double width extensions on houses results in enormous kitchen/living spaces, and with that comes the issue of oversized work surfaces. Traditional materials like granite and quartz are restrictive in terms of slab size, so potentially there would be a visible join. Stainless Steel solves this problem its finish is almost unrecognisable as stainless sleek resulting in a beautiful seamless surfaces, Franke's new pearl finish is prevents finger and water marks to keep your worksurface looking wonderful at all times.


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