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Neff Kitchen Appliances at Kuche & Bagno


Kuche & Bagno are deilghted to introduce Neff's brand-new range of appliances in 2021 :

  • Neff 90cm Glass Draft Extractor Hood I98WMM1S7B

  • Neff 60cm Built-in Coffee Machine C17KS61G0

  • Neff Compact 45cm Oven with Microwave C17MS32G0B

  • Neff Slide&Hide© Single Pyrolytic 60cm Oven B57CS24G0B

  • Neff Warming Drawer N17HH10G0B

  • Neff 60cm Wine Cabinet KU9213HG0

  • Neff 60cm Integrated Dishwasher S199YB800E

New for 2021!

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Neff's innovative take on technology and slick looks for their kitchen appliances have made them a key manufacturer for Kuche & Bagno for many years.

In many of our kitchen projects you will find Neff cooking, refrigeration, extraction, dish-washing and laundry products thanks to their reliability and build quality.


There's no doubt that Neff are a blue chip name in the cooking world and you won't be disappointed if you choose Neff for your kitchen.

Cooking inspires people, and people inspire us. This is the basic principle behind everything we do at NEFF. So, let nothing get in the way of your cooking ideas. Our innovative products help you to prepare mouthwatering food - whether it's a four-course dinner or a dessert you just can't get enough of - a NEFF kitchen is equipped for every dish.


What Neff say about Neff - Kuche & Bano

What Neff say about Neff

Why Choose Neff Kitchen Appliances at Kuche & Bagno

Why ChooseNeff

Since 1877. 

Founded in Germany. Based in Munich.


German High-End Appliances. 

Neff specialise in kitchen appliances including ovens, microwaves, steam ovens, hobs, extractors, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, laundry and coffee machines.


Neff are renowned for innovative technology such as their Slide & Hide oven doors.

Products by Neff

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Neff Kitchen Appliances at Kuche & Bagno
Neff Appliances by Kuche & Bagno
Neff Appliances by Kuche & Bagno
Neff Appliances by Kuche & Bagno
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