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Bespoke Quooker Hot Taps


Quooker Front Hottap

Now On Display!


The flawless design of the Front immediately catches the eye. A sleek minimalistic design. Clean, sophisticated and distinctive. Unlike other Quooker taps, the handle for hot and cold water is located at the front, close to the spout, making it even more convenient.


The Front is available in two finishes: stainless steel and black. The tap can be combined with any Quooker tank or accessory.


As with other Quooker taps, you press the child-safe textured bezel twice and turn it counterclockwise for instant 100°C boiling water.


Turn the bezel counterclockwise to the first click to dispense chilled filtered water. Dispense sparkling water by turning until the second click.


The price of the Front is the same as the Flex and Fusion. 

Showroom 30 April 2018 - Lisa Melvin - M

Bring a beautifully-crafted bespoke Quooker Hot Tap experience to your home with Kuche and Bagno.

Re-styled, re-coloured and re-imagined boiling hot water taps can be customised to your own unique style.

<< We have our very own customised Quooker Nordic Square boiling hot water tap in our showroom in Jaguar Blackberry colour.

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