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Secret Spaces

ECLISSE Syntesis Flush Range

Lisa Melvin has incorporated ECLISSE pocket door systems into Kuche and Bagno brand new showroom in Warwickshire. She chose to focus primarily on our Glass Pocket Door Systems in order to both accentuate and transform the room providing extra light and space to her display.

Clean lines and a contemporary feel have been achieved in many areas of the display through the use of the architrave-free ECLISSE Syntesis® Flush Pocket Door Systems. By using this architrave free system, Lisa has been able to create uninterrupted lines and continue the decoration as she pleases.

When did you open the showroom and what was the inspiration behind the room settings?

We originally opened the showroom in 1998, so we are celebrating our 20th anniversary this year. I was 19 when we opened the showroom so have had the chance to expand my interest of architecture and construction. Due to us being a sister company of Melbros Timber and Building Supplies, we have access to a wide range of products that we are able to use. In 2006 we tripled the size of our showroom due to demand from developers, self builders and renovators.

Why did you choose a Syntesis ® Flush system for some of the room sets?

I particularly like the ECLISSE Syntesis® Flush range because of the simple design and the clean lines it creates. It also opens up the idea of 'secret spaces' within a build which is a big interest of mine; it is all about the small details, practicality and utilising space when it comes to design

What features have the ECLISSE Glass Pocket Door Systems added to the space?

I am a particular fan of the glass pocket door systems as they can produce both and a masculine and feminine feel to the designs. The doors produce a lovely glow of light and almost become a piece of art. I have also seen your hand painted doors glass pocket doors and they are something that we could add in to one of our designs/projects in the future; I love how the door becomes the art.

Would you use them in your own property or recommend ECLISSE to a friend?

Absolutely! They have a lot of advantages and open up room for everything else without the restriction of a hinged door.

Have you used ECLISSE system in any recent projects?

Several bathroom projects feature an ECLISSE pocket door systems and it is something that we intend to use more in the future as there is no restriction of design with a pocket door.

Were you happy with the quality of the product?

Yes, we have a portfolio of trustworthy manufacturers that we continuously use. It is a list of companies and products we are 100% happy with product and aftersales alike . It is worth spending a little extra to achieve a great standard, for this you need quality and a great feel. I think people have a misconception of sliding doors from the past but the quality of ECLISSE pocket door systems has changed that view.

Photo Credit: Marek Sikora

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