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Feeling Flush

Throughout the 18th century, only the wealthiest European homes had bidets, which were often decorated with fancy adornments such as rosewood veneer, gilded bronze and crystal flakes.

Hundreds of years later, the electronic bidet hit the market in 1960, combining the bidet with the toilet, and it slowly began to make its way into global culture. There are now a variety of shower toilets available on the market to suit all budgets.Manufactures such as Geberit, TOTO and Duravit are leading the way bringing new designs and advanced technology to market. Below we've compared 4 of our favourites, all of which are on display at our Kuche & Bagno showroom in Rugby.


1. Geberit AquaClean Tuma Classic - We rate this best for value for money

  • Shower toilet - Warm water (34 degrees), WhirlSpray technology, extendable nozzle, adjustable spray intensity, oscillating spray, self-cleaning nozzle after each use

  • Descaling programme

  • Rimless pan easy cleaning

  • Dirt repellent ceramic surface

  • Soft closing lid

  • Compatible with AquaClean app

  • Economy mode (low energy consumption in standby mode) Price approx: £1,800


2. Duravit SensoWash (Happy D.2) - We rate this best for comfort & elegance. Good range of features and stylish without breaking the bank.

  • Shower toilet functions – Comfort wash, lady wash, rear wash, adjustable temperature and position

  • Self-cleaning spray wand

  • Rimless

  • Automatic soft closure

  • Easily removable seat

  • Remote control operated

  • Night light

  • Can be personalised to users

  • Lockable

  • Scratch resistant surface

  • Automatic drainage in prolonged periods of disuse Price approx: £1,855


3. Geberit AquaClean Mera Comfort - We rate this best for sophisticated design and long lasting durability

  • Odour extractor (ceramic honeycomb filter)

  • TurboFlush technology

  • WhirlSpray technology

  • Spray arm with oscillating motion

  • Lady shower function integrated in spray nozzle

  • Automatic shower arm self-clean before and after each use

  • Dryer function

  • Descaling programme

  • When approached: Lid opens and closes using a proximity sensor, Orientation light switches on, Shower water heats up (34-40 degrees), WC seat heats up

  • Spray intensity can be selected

  • Soft closing seat

  • Individual user profiles can be stored Price approx: £5,770


4. TOTO Neorest Washlet AC - We rate this best for revolutionary technology

  • Self-cleaning properties

  • It fights bacteria, waste and limescale by spraying the bowl with electrolysed water. The bowl is also coatedwith zirconium, so when the UV light is on, it reacts and starts a decomposition process

  • CeFiONtect glaze makes it easy to clean

  • Proximity sensor so the seat lifts up when approached

  • Heated seat where the toilet has memory technology so it’s only heated when most likely to be used

  • Deodoriser

  • Dryer function

  • Remote control operated

  • Shower toilet function – comfort spray, oscillating spray, massage spray, adjustable water intensity, self-cleaning spray jet

  • Rimless

  • Tornado flush so it flushes 41% quieter

  • Nightlight and light inside the pan

  • Hydrophilic ceramic surface - easier to wash away dirt

  • PreMist on the ceramic surface - difficult for dirt to accumulate

  • Registers user habits and switches automatically to energy-saving mode Price approx: £11,690

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